A surreal psychological story regarding a boy grappling with internal conflicts and a fate otherwordly in origin; shed alight by his doppelganger. 

The story is set in a fictional time and location on east coast USA. It begins with David, a freshman starting high school in 1990s. He meets Karen, a sophomore repeating history class for the semester. Her engagement becomes a catalyst for David's solitary world. 
Instability persists and haunts him. 

This comic has observations and themes related to dreams, loneliness, sex, art, and mental illness. It is intended for mature audiences only. 
It is a long story with two parts, gradually unraveling towards the purpose. First part featuring school and daily life.

Genre elements: Psychological drama, Erotic, Bildungsroman, Cosmic horror, Neuroscience fiction, and... etc

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David Randall Sotersby
DOB: November 8
Favorite food/drink: salad, cherries, milk

Troubled. Suffers from conditions which impede sociability. Avoids recreational use of music, TV, movies, books, etc. Focuses on academia as a distraction.

Karen J. Mackenzie the III
DOB: April 29
Favorite food/drink: celeries, popcorn, water

Investigative. Atypical dialect from indeterminate origins. Spirited and altruistic to a fault. Always wears a coat.


Jason R. Almas
DOB: September 28
Favorite food/drink: mac and cheese, banana bread, orange soda


Supportive. Hobbies surround in music. Generally pleasant but maintains boundaries. Has a troubled history with his brother.


Delilah Lailah Elias
DOB: February 3
Favorite food/drink: hot dogs, chips, apple juice


Bright. Determined of her creativity and eager for success. Seeks her place in the world. 


A projection of David. Looks over development, but has an agenda.



You can call me Kye Cooks.
I love animation and drawing comics. 
I spend most of my time coming up with ideas and developing characters. 

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