A surreal, psychological story concerning a boy grappling with internal conflicts and whose otherworldly fate is brought to light by his Mind-Body Projection.

The story is set in a fictional time and location in the east coast USA.
It begins with David, a freshman starting high school in the 1990s. His barebones lifestyle doesn't make it easy for him to have much in common with others, and he may be viewed as a curiosity.

He meets Karen, a sophomore repeating history class for the semester. Engaging with her becomes a catalyst that propels David from his solitary world. However, instability persists and haunts him.

Despite his setbacks, he desires change and is willing to confront difficult topics and emotions. He receives vivid, alien dreams that don't align with his memories, and encounters a projection named Guy who proposes a collaboration to learn more about himself.

But what are the ultimate goals of Guy and why is it much more fun for David to remain inside himself?

This comic has observations and themes related to dreams, alienation, loneliness, sex, sensuality, art, trauma, and mental illness. It is intended for mature audiences only. 

It is a long story with two phases, gradually unraveling towards the purpose. Phase one features school and daily life.

Genre elements: Psychological drama, Erotic, Bildungsroman, Cosmic horror, Neuroscience fiction, and... etc

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David Randall Sotersby
DOB: November 8

David is a troubled boy whose symptoms impede his sociability and behavior. His conditions are either undiagnosed or self-managed. He adopts a neutral presentation in an attempt to blend in. However, due to visceral visions of blood seen only during his haircuts, he is left with long hairstyles that he is often teased for.


His restricted expressions are often interpreted as being apathetic or uncaring, but it happens to be one of his symptoms and a way to mask others. The struggle to articulate himself freely conjures an autobiographical image, exhibiting an alternate, more expressive self. When the mask wanes he finds himself more likely to experience panic attacks, which tend to happen at home.


He keeps his room plain to reduce anything that might set off his symptoms, and consequently doesn’t use music, TV, movies or books for recreation. If he chooses to interact with these things, it is with the intent of something other than enjoyment. 

His safest activity is homework, though it’s not like he enjoys doing it. He’d rather lie on his bed and reflect on things, which may build up strange beliefs. His alienation with the world contributed to his negative views on art, which he hopes to understand by participating in the act of creation. He often “writes” on sticky notes, either to help with his memory or some other purpose.



Karen J. Mackenzie
DOB: April 29

Karen is an investigative and enthusiastic classmate. In the past, she would regularly get assigned with integrating the quiet students into the rest of the class. She finds comfort in the everyday and finds value in establishing her concept of normality. David’s character is intriguing and concerning to her, and she hopes that by mingling with him and introducing him to other classmates, he will open up and become more “normal.” However, she seems to take a liking to him for platonic reasons.


She is close to her spirituality but harbors some prejudiced beliefs which she may set aside in favor of assisting others. Spreading the word of God is not a main driving force. Instead, she encourages people to have some sort of religion to find a sense of belonging outside of small cliques. 

She got into an accident in middle school which led to an interest in the absence of things. Her interest evolved to a preoccupation with being an “idea.” Her body serves as an unpleasant reminder of her presence.


She has a certain way of talking which doesn't seem to have a clear origin. She owns a trench coat to remind her of her cool college brother. She doesn’t brush her bed hair, but likes to tweeze her eyebrows because of a raver girl she once saw in a magazine. She has a habit of rubbing her cross necklace, especially when nervous or uncomfortable.



Jason R. Almas
DOB: September 28

Jason is a supportive friend of Karen’s and works as a janitor at their high school. He graduated a year before and chose to stick around to collect more credits before moving on to getting a degree. As kids, he and Karen became friends at a fair while stuck in a ferris wheel. Years of being in the same neighborhood had gained Jason some insight into how Karen operates. As a result, he watches her activities closely.


The chaotic experiences with his mentally ill brother have colored most of his perceptions, and he would use those experiences to make judgments upon others, which may not always be fair. His brother was difficult and went through a revolving door of doctors and different diagnoses. Strange behaviors are “pathologized” to Jason and David appears as a warning sign to him. Karen’s insistence on seeing David forces Jason into quietly challenging David and himself.


Though distant, he is generally pleasant. He is haunted by his decisions, despite wanting to trust his instincts. He can have inappropriate reactions to situations that might have serious consequences, until regret eventually sets in. He fears being influenced by the weaknesses of others and doesn’t want his self-esteem to waver. He is very conflicted. 

In his own time, he likes to keep his hands busy which may involve building things or playing an instrument.



Delilah Lailah Elias
DOB: February 3


Delilah is a lively classmate who shares English class with David. She is mentally absorbed in her personal projects stored in a purple notebook, leaving her inattentive at times. Nonetheless, David has quickly developed a crush on her and hopes to find a connection.


She is known to collect Beanie Babes and doesn’t like to be called a ghost. She tans or marks her skin to feel the effects on her body. She wishes to mean something and seeks her place in the world. Sometimes she is seen staring at her palms.



Guy is a doppelganger of David, but he calls himself a Mind-Body Projection, or MBP. He lives inside David’s psycheron, where he manages its environment. 


He comes in two images of David’s growth; present and near future. His presentation is more confident and sensual, which are some of the traits David’s psyche finds ideal. His physiology and personality seem to be complex responses to what’s in and out of the psycheron though. 


Guy reveals himself to David while David was masturbating, causing David to feel like there isn’t anything he could do that feels safe and enjoyable. However, this doesn't stop him from wanting to try again.


An abstract space that was developed to solve abstract problems. It is threaded within the brain and body, but it is not visible to humans. David's psycheron is mostly blank that could be manipulated.



You can call me Kye Cooks.

I went to school for animation, but happen to have this story in my mind.
I spend most of my time coming up with ideas, developing characters, and experimenting with styles. 

List of things I enjoy: Animation, movies, biology, psychology, neuroscience, miniatures, stickers, dance, uncomfortable stuff, liminal spaces and... etc.

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