-How did the comic start?-

Character prototypes popped up in 2007, they were inspired by a song. Music persisted as an influence while experimenting in high school. I wanted to write something that would retain my attention long term. 
The current version formulated around 2013 or 2014. The comic made its official debut in 2015, took the year to work on something else, and then dedicated myself to the comic onward.
The story goes through lots of revisions and changes, leaving layers and residue along the way. It has direction and a conclusion set.

-How did the protagonists develop?-

Before they were given proper names, they were just "Guy" and "Girl". Girl was the initial focus, until I fleshed out Guy and eventually created teenage David.
Guy and Girl became distinct characters, with human counterparts.
The personalities went through phases, but it has been a fluid process. They're a mixture of what I find interesting or fun, of what I experienced from others, what I find befitting to the narrative, and because they grew with me over time, they ended up picking up parts of myself.
Their designs however haven't changed much. 

-What is the process like?-

I have an outline with chapter summaries and lots of notes.
I draw chapter thumbnails, which help me with pacing and arrangement of events.
Then I create several blank Photoshop documents and draw out thumbnails again, this time to draft layouts and refine dialogue. As I work on a page, I would load future pages to adjust pacing, dialogue, doodles, or add notes. 
I sketch and do lineart on Photoshop. I just use the default brush.
I color on Clip Studio Paint, with the Paint Bucket tool referring to other layers selected. I shade with the Clip Layer Below button available on the layer palette.
I bring the file back to Photoshop, and use an action to instantly resize the file and then upload it to whatever site.

The pages have a "crisp" look to it because I use the "Bicubic Sharper (reduction)" resampler under Image --> Image Size. I also reduce artifacts by flattening my layers before resizing. I work in 300 dpi, printer paper size because it takes me back to my comfy toddler years diligently working on MS Paint in which I then proudly and loudly print my results and don't stick it on the fridge. 

-Where is the comic page?-

Maybe I'll bring it up on twitter, however I may be adverse to annoucements. It's safe to assume I'll post it in the following week. If not, I'm probably caught up with stuff and will resume soon.
Unless I go through some deep revelation, I have a close attachment to this story and I intend to have this project completed, even if it will take a long time with breaks. 

-Where do you post the comic?-

Here on this site, Tapas, and Patreon. 
I used to mirror on Webtoons, but removed it.
The comic on Tapas is censored, whereas the comic here is uncensored. On Patreon I provide both with commentary.

-Top Webcomics link?-

It's here


Comic will portray explicit heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual scenes. :^)