David (thinking and hearing):
(I feel things but...) <-- I don't want to think about that.
They feel things... do they?!

"Well, music does."
"Music exposes."

It exposes the intangible.
Giving a face to emotions of all kinds.

"As awful as that is..." Faces of spirits are free

Art is haunted but where are its phantoms? It's riddled with symbols that might have been from an uncontrolled source. How How How can I

I cater to MY FAKE real brain if the sources are unattainable?

Is it deeply cerebral? Is it a portal? A portal to infinity?
"Symbols don't die." Ghosts are already dead.

Then art is a living animal.
A corporeal presence I cannot stand
This is stupid.
I'm stupid
It's stupid
I'm stupid
I'm stupid

What is wrong with me?