12th Jan 2022, 1:23 AM

a page or two late
but whoowee, can hold back from mentioning there's a lot more to unravel with art:

from the raw material existence of traditional mediums in their heyday - a connection to craftsmanship, guilds, the physicality of a piece as an object to be placed, viewed, painted to its specific dimensions and embodying a nigh-mystical process of each brushstroke both mirroring reality while still being a physical pigment with it's own symbolic content

to the deep-plunge discourse on aesthetics and zeitgeist, both existing on a more complex level than direct symbolism and extending beyond individual artists or even artistic movements

there's a certain grandeur lost as art became perceived more individual and intimate - and that might be what makes it hard for most people to fully understand classical art. neither folk nor classical art existed in the same paradigm as art does today: one was art not necessarily meant for viewing/consumption by other people; the other was rarely meant to connect on an individual level

but yeah, i'll cut myself short here. i don't mean this as a dig towards you - i just feel compelled to share whenever there's an opportunity. best case scenario you're already on the same shit as me and are well aware of the above

in which case


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12th Jan 2022, 9:44 AM

I didn't think David was a reflection of the author or expression of a mature opinion but moreso like a flawed character. (A cautionary tale lol)

I always got the feeling/sense like he would develope/grow past his current stilted views on things, the more he interacts with his budding friend circle. (But in a dark trippy bad way as is what the vibe/style/feel of the comic)

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12th Jan 2022, 2:06 PM

ah yeah, there is a lot that can be said or considered - that feeling may pop up again as the story progresses.
i think about the character's perspective, not mine. so what you shared wasn't a dig, haha. it's still all very interesting, thank you.

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