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12th Jan 2019, 10:34 PM

Found your comic on the front page of CF, got curious about it, and read the whole thing all the way through. It's wonderful. I'm actually having a hard time describing how it makes me feel, because it belongs to a rare genre that I love: surreal stories about mental illness with strong psychedelic imagery. I love the way you use kaleidoscopic colors and shapes to portray emotions like anxiety, panic, fear, sadness, and the like. It's a very effective way to show David's psychological symptoms. And as strange as this story is, the way the characters interact feels true to life and real. It gives the tale an anchor to reality.

And augh, that crit session that Delilah has with her friend is all too familiar, I've had people react to my work in that way before. It sucks when you share something so personal to you to a friend and they don't get the same feeling from it that you do. I wonder if Delilah has been having the same dreams that David's been having? I'd probably like your story, Delilah, I love hearing about peoples' dreams!

Anyway, the short version is that I really like your comic. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes! I'll stick around no matter what the update schedule is.

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13th Jan 2019, 1:15 AM

Wow thank you for your kind words!
My art was heavily influenced by music and my moods, which naturally progressed to psychedelic imagery.

Delilah having the same dreams as David is a good guess! I will not say more though, haha. The critique is a direct jab and introduction to Delilah's fears, which will be externalized later. Her friend is the kind of person who uses media like books to connect with people, therefore finding familiar concepts more appealing.

I hope you're aware of the content warning in the header - The story will have explicit and heavy sexual themes. I post uncensored pages here and censored on Tapas. Bringing it up just in case.
Otherwise, thank you again! This comic is a combination of themes and concepts that personally resonate or interest me, which helps to retain motivation.

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13th Jan 2019, 2:58 AM

You're welcome!

Delilah's friend seemed like she was projecting her own wants onto her story instead of seeing it for what it is. It's really hard not to internalize it when someone flat-out tells you that they don't like your characters.

And yep, I was aware of the CW going into the story, but thanks for warning me just in case!

Thanks for putting your comic into the world! I'm personally interested in seeing other peoples' visions, and Seluda is one of the most genuine things I've seen in a long time! Keep it up! :3

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